Welcome to Literacy Works!

We are four graduate and beyond students at The University of Georgia, collaborating together to create this helpful literacy resource. Each of us brings both unique perspectives and experiences to the group. Between us, we have 20+ years of experience working in a classroom setting. The various grade levels are represented in this Wiki, as each member of the group is interested in a specific area. This a great resource for teachers from Kindergarten up to the 12th grade. Our Wiki includes specific information geared toward each cluster, elementary, middle, and high school. It is also a way to bring up and discuss the common issues and challenges teachers of any grade may face. Our collaboration has helped us understand how literacy works in both our grade levels of interest and the K-12 continuum of literacy learning at large. We hope that you find this Wiki both informative and helpful. Thanks for visiting!

Paige- High School Teacher
Stephanie- ECCO Graduate Student


Michelle- Grad student/

K-6 Teacher



Middle School Teacher