This article will help teachers resist deficit discourses that pathologize the language and culture of children living in poverty.

A systematic approach to reading aloud can yield important academic benefits for children.

Explores the theory that "rich" readers keep getting richer while "poor" readers keep getting poorer.

R5: The Sustained Silent Reading makeover that transformed readers
This SSR adaptation can increase students’ wide reading, metacognitive awareness, and comprehension.

Research has demonstrated the importance of fluency in the development of reading proficiency, and a variety of effective methods for the assessment and instruction of it have been developed.

Scaffolded Silent Reading provides third-grade teachers an alternative for practicing reading that decreases errors and increases students’ reading rates and comprehension.

Scaffolding Independent Reading

Think YOU don't teach reading? Teachers of older students may be surprised by the number of students who are still learning to read, and not reading to learn just yet. Check out some strategies that can help all students become better readers.


Yellow Brick Roads by Janet Allen external image 9781571103192.jpg

Do you spend your days working with students who struggle to comprehend reading in literacy and content classes? Are you looking for a way to establish comprehensive literacy instruction in your school or classroom so all students receive support in becoming competent and confident readers? In Yellow Brick Roads, Janet Allen offers research-based methods for helping teachers move toward these goals. This book, geared toward grades 4-12, provides research, practical methods, detailed strategies, and resources for read-aloud, shared, guided, and independent reading.

When Kids Cbeersan't Read What Teachers Can Do by Kylene Beers

This is a wonderful resource for secondary content area teachers who are looking for ways to help tangled readers in their classrooms. Beers is not only knowledgeable but her writing it accessible in this easy to use handbook for teachers. There are a number of strategies that teachers can use as well as graphic organizers and book lists. This is a must buy because you need to make sure you have your own copy to use for classes to come.

Black Ants anexternal image Ld Buddhists by Mary Cowhey

If you were inspired to become a teacher because you wanted to change the world, and instead find yourself limited by teach-to-the-test pressures, this is the book that will make you think hard about how you spend your time with students. It offers no easy answers, just a wealth of insight into the challenges of helping students think critically about the world, and starting points for conversations about diversity and controversy in your classroom, as well as in the larger community.

QRI-5 by Lauren Leslie and JoAnne Schudt Caldwell

Easy to use asseQRIssment for K-12 that can help teachers see where students needs lie. Takes some practice to learn to use but one of the best informal reading tools out there!

Do I Really Have51ojKiEcwFL._SL500_AA300_.jpg to Teach Reading by Chris Tovani

This is the book that really started to open my eyes to how I was dealing or not dealing with struggling readers in my history classes. Like Kylene Beers, Chris Tovani is a major name in adolescent reading but with good reason. This practical and hands on book is great to help students with reading comprehension strategies. This is a quick read with a lot you can and pull from and start using on Monday morning!

Learning to Read the World edited by Sharon Rosenkoetter and Joanne Knapp-Philo

This is a great resource for anyone who is interested in early literacy and how to promote it from birth. There is information to support teachers, parents, and caregivers, as each can make a great difference in a child's literacy development.
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Internet Resources

Book Wizard Need help deciding what level a certain book might be? Have a picky reader that you'd like to see reading more widely? Looking for texts that have similar themes or topics? Then look no further. Scholastic's Book Wizard allows teachers to easily find titles, level books, and much more!

MiddleWeb Reading/Writing Workshop Project Downloads and Resources An extensive and varied collection of resources from MiddleWeb's Reading/Writing Workshop Project, an ongoing dialogue among educators dedicated to improving reading and literacy in middle grades.

PaperBack Swap A free resource for finding engaging books for your students (or for yourself). Swap books you have with other members of this site. *Though there are no membership fees, a valid email address is needed.

ReadWorks A site for K-6 teachers who are looking to increase students' comprehension levels. Lots of great ideas and lessons to incorporate into teaching.

Reading Rockets A resource for teaching reading, especially those who struggle to read well. Great for parents, teachers, librarians, and administration.

The Organizers A collection of Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, and Lesson Planning organizers from Teaching That Makes Sense

Read Write Think A site sponsored by IRA and NCTE is a collection of classroom resources and professional development

Scholastic Teachers If you need inspiration and ideas for your classroom, click here.

Pete's PowerPoint Station A site with interactive PowerPoints and activities on all subjects.

I Know That Supplemental content activities and lesson plans in all core subjects. This page also features links for parents activities.

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